A little Star - Jack Mullens

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When Jack Mullens was six, doctors discovered he had a cancer which attacks soft tissue. After intensive chemotherapy and three years he now has the all-clear and is back playing rugby for his school.

Jack was playing with a plastic bow and arrow set with his brother and sister when he was hit in the testicles and was in a lot of pain.

After a series of tests and scans he was invited back to the hospital, he had not been in any pain but the lump was changing.

Doctors made the decision to remove Jack’s testicle and the tumour, two weeks later they went back to the hosptial to find out exactly what the tumour was: a soft tissue cancer called para testicular rhabdomyosarcoma

Months of chemotherapy were prescribed for Jack, but (like so many of us) he developed an infection and had to stay in hospital for three weeks, during which he lost a lot of weight and his hair.

Little Star awards are given to children who are currently battling cancer or have undergone treatment for the disease in the past five years by Cancer Research UK.

Each child receives a trophy and has a certificate signed by celebrities, including Dr Who star David Tennant and Kylie Minogue.

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