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A little Star - Jack Mullens

Tag:Jack Mullens, para testicular rhabdomyosarcoma, Survivors StoriesWhen Jack Mullens was six, doctors discovered he had a cancer which attacks soft tissue. After intensive chemotherapy and three years he now has the all-clear and is back playing rugby for his school.
Jack was playing with a plastic bow and arrow set with his brother and sister when […]

Joe Boitano plays his heart out!

Tag:boitano, cancer, survivor, Survivors Stories Joe Boitano steps on to the field for Canyon del Oro, and he’ll stay for as many plays as possible…
He’s playing for three seasons of lost time! Boitano found a lump on his left testicle just before the 2006 season, his preseason physical led to an ultrasound revealing […]

Lance Armstrong, could he race for the polls?

Tag:candidate, Lance Armstrong, News, political, presidency, Survivors StoriesFresh from directing state cancer research, Lance Armstrong is now ready to take the presidential candidates on how they’ll help us all to fight this disease!
But what lies beyond that for the 36-year-old cyclist and cancer survivor? Political professionals believe he has taken enough steps in the last […]