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Cancer - it makes you think!

Tag:BlogsTalking about your Colonoscopy isn’t what you’d normally expect on a blog - but hey here it’s now holds barred - we discuss Sperm Banking, Chemo and much more.
So we’re proud to see Julio Angel Ortiz discussing his Colonoscopy over at The Next Chamber - Julio is proof that a cancer scare makes you more […]

Gaining Perspective

Tag:Blogs, cancer, Lance Armstrong, My Story, PerspectiveI read a blog post today by Tim Brownson and I felt compelled to post this, he discusses what a life Lance Armstrong’s book can give.
What can I say, Lance’s book does give you a different perspective on life, I’d agree with that one - I was banned from […]

“Testicular Cancer, How Would I Cope?”

Tag:Blogs, care, doctors, faith, monty python, My Story, nurses, testicular cancerI often scour the web for people’s thoughts, feelings and ramblings about the world of Testicular Cancer and one of the biggest things I’ve noticed is people asking the simple question “How would I cope?”. It sounds so simple, a four word question that in […]