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Been a while!

Tag:My StoryI haven’t blogged over here in a while, I bought the domain with every intention of blogging my experiences of chemo, testicular-cancer and how I felt at the time - I’ll be honest I started a diary at the time, I never finished it - it became too tiring!
This has become more of a […]

Get A Grip - Awareness Week

Tag:Around the Web, Awareness, Cancer Check, My Story, YouTubeI read Pistolotto’s post about Awareness Week (it’s in the US I think?), and it reminded me about something.
When I was diagnosed my family started selling the Gillette Blueboys, great for the charity you might think?
Yes, it certainly was great for the charity, but the more important […]

Cancer Haircuts

Tag:bald, cancer, haircut, My StoryI’ve just made a comment over at “Cocktails with Kevin“, but felt compelled to add the comment here, in the My Story section:
I debated getting my hair all cut off the minute I was diagnosed, decided against it and to wait and see.
I’ll never forget being at a friends birthday party […]