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Smoking Mice! Cancer Link?!

Tag:cancer, Mice, Research, SmokingAlright it’s a funny title, but recent research on mice has found that smoking can not only cause cancer (which we all know!) but can damage sperm by changing it’s DNA sequence.
Several Mature Mice were exposed to cigarette smoke for either six or 12 weeks, while a specific strech of repeated portions […]

Two in Three to last Five years by 2020!

Tag:cancer survival, ResearchThat’s the aim of Cancer Research UK who’ve set themselves some pretty aggressive targets! It come on the back of new figures which show a patient with cancer now has a 46.2% chance of being alive ten years after diagnosis compared with 23.6% 30 years ago.
The goals in full for 2020 are:

Three-quarters of […]

New Hope for Fatherhood for Boys!

Tag:ResearchI sperm banked - I’m proud of it, it was an interesting day out! Slightly Bizarre but maybe its just my warped sense of humour! However I wouldn’t have fancied being a young child and having to go through that experience - let’s face it, it would take some explaining!
Which is why a fantastic new […]