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Gillette Blue Boy

Tag:Around the Web, Asda, Ball pin, Blue Boy, everyman, Gillette, NutsSomeone arrived here today searching for Gillette Blue Boy’s. I wear mine every single day at work with pride, it’s stuck pinned to the lanyard that holds my ID badge. I also wear Asda’s Everyman Ball Pin everyday and my “Nuts - Have you checked […]

“Testicular Cancer, How Would I Cope?”

Tag:Blogs, care, doctors, faith, monty python, My Story, nurses, testicular cancerI often scour the web for people’s thoughts, feelings and ramblings about the world of Testicular Cancer and one of the biggest things I’ve noticed is people asking the simple question “How would I cope?”. It sounds so simple, a four word question that in […]

Outliving your Children

Tag:Around the Web, testicular cancerWendy Gough never believed she would outlive her own children, but when her son Matthew died of testicular cancer just 10 days after his 19th birthday all that changed.
Matthew’s testicle was removed, and even after courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy the cancer had spread to Matthew’s lungs and brain. He died […]