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Don’t Ignore your Balls!

Tag:Around the Web, men, think again, toughMen, Tough? Think again - ignoring the reality of how serious health problems can be is a regular event.
“Women live in their bodies. Men use their bodies like a tool, and then don’t take care of it,” says Prof. Frank Sommer, of the University of Hamburg, which has Germany’s […]

Survivng Cancer is Tough, surviving the cure is just as hard!

Tag:cancer, Chemotherapy, post cancer, survival, Survivors StoriesI’ve been there, so when I read a story today about how people go through allsorts post cancer, I can only sympathise, I’m still fighting some of my problems.

The story discusses Freddie Cano, he’s cured after find a lump on his neck - he had the full treatment, surgery, […]

Don’t be nuts - get checked out!

Tag:aberdeen, awarenes, Charities, prostate, scotland, testicular, UCAN, willie millerThat the message from Willie Miller, the ex-Aberdeen and Scotland Hero as he launched a campaign to get men to save their own lives - by perfecting their “ball skills”.
He showed off posters with slogans such as “Don’t be nuts - get checked out” and “Get acquainted […]