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Cancer Survival - It’s a strange old game!

Tag:Lance Armstrong, surviving cancer, Survivors StoriesLinda Armstrong Kelly, the mother of probably the most famous cancer survivor worldwide (Lance Armstrong), completely understands that cancer is not an individual disease.
In a recent talk Kelly shared her story of raising her son as a single mother, overcoming life’s obstacles to achieve personal success and the grief and […]

Rugby Players touch themselves!

Tag:Around the Web, Embarrassing illnesses, moseley, rugbyEmbarrassing Illnesses is a recent series on television in the UK, lets face it most blokes don’t talk about feeling their balls (some blokes do all the while - but we’ll ignore them!).
Moseley Rugby team showed up and told all for the recent TV show about embarrassing illnesses - […]

Smoking Mice! Cancer Link?!

Tag:cancer, Mice, Research, SmokingAlright it’s a funny title, but recent research on mice has found that smoking can not only cause cancer (which we all know!) but can damage sperm by changing it’s DNA sequence.
Several Mature Mice were exposed to cigarette smoke for either six or 12 weeks, while a specific strech of repeated portions […]