Been a while!


I haven’t blogged over here in a while, I bought the domain with every intention of blogging my experiences of chemo, testicular-cancer and how I felt at the time - I’ll be honest I started a diary at the time, I never finished it - it became too tiring!

This has become more of a news site, and I do try to keep it as updated as time and my nerves allow!

Anyhow an update on me….

I had my two year scan back just before Christmas, I was a bit nervy at the time, possibly more so than usual - then there was a mix up with my appointment - this made it even worse… Anyhow I got through - and now I’ve moved to six month appointments.

Initially I think the move to six monthly appointments will probably panic me even more… But having discussed it with several people now, we agree that if that didn’t happen and the Oncologists just said goodbye at 5 years, I’d probably have an immediate nervous breakdown!!

So all good news on that front, it’s a shame some people have to put a downer on it - I’m considered outside of the major worry zone now, yet we tried to get insurance for me on the mortgage (we’re moving house)…. Over £100 per month for the next 3 years, then it would drop to sub-£20….. Now that really annoys me!!

I’ll be honest about what made me come over here and post today. I’ve got a tonne of cancer related news in my inbox, but some days I just don’t want to open it - some days are still hard, it might sound mad but I don’t think it ever goes away - Lance Armstrong described it as being a Cancer Survivor - and you’ll remain one of those for the rest of your life. It was Lorelle that made me come back here today - to say that you can make it through, you can come out the other side and whilst some days are hard, you live your life a different way.

I’ll try to pop in here more often - Lorelle - thanks for the nudge… I may yet finish the diary, I may yet publish it, or I may just save it for those close to me.

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