“Testicular Cancer, How Would I Cope?”

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I often scour the web for people’s thoughts, feelings and ramblings about the world of Testicular Cancer and one of the biggest things I’ve noticed is people asking the simple question “How would I cope?”. It sounds so simple, a four word question that in reality blows your life apart like you’ve never seen! It’s a question that people often ask, out into the ether of the web - and there comes no response!

Those who can respond, those of us who’ve been there are maybe too messed up to say, or believe that theirs was some strange way of coping and are embarassed that it may not bring comfort to those going through it themselves?

I’ll be honest to this day a year down the line - I don’t know how I did cope!

Robert, who’s blog I found today is, and I quote:

“a 30-something husband, father, baseball fan and political junkie preparing for ordained ministry in the Lutheran church.”

His uncle battled through Testicular Cancer thanks to his great health, but I question whether that was the only thing that drove him through the barrier. If I’m honest I’d say three things got me through that journey (aside from the medical care):

  1. Care: Family, friends, Doctors, Nurses - all step up to the mark for you, friends you thought were just acquaintances before can suddenly turn into life-long friends - those who you thought were life-long friends may just not know what to say to you and disappear, you have to respect their wishes there. Oncology Doctors and (particularly) Nurses are a very, very special breed of person - you’ll rarely meet anyone I have more respect for.
  2. Faith: Now before I start a religious battle here, I don’t care what you have faith in, Robert clearly has faith, but at the time I was diagnosed I remember questioning an awful lot of things - that’s a debate for a whole other time. The faith I did have was that if I could fight to the next day, that I might just be able to repeat that again into the next day, and if I managed that through the operation and chemotherapy that nothing would be able to beat me again, I’d fought something from the inside out - it’s a strange thing to hold onto - but it helped me.
  3. Sense of Humour: An odd one to finish up with, I have a particularly evil sense of humour and those that know me well, understand that. Those that could laugh with me as I lost my hair, at my jokes about prosthetic testicles and sperm banking will understand. It’s a relief and you need it going through this - during my mad journey I introduced my other half to Monty Python - I will never forget standing outside the hospital one morning on the phone to my family telling them I’m about to have a testicle removed, to see her doing the ministry of silly walks across the hospital car park! Maybe this comes under faith as well, laughing hard as if it might be your last?

It’s not often I post on here my feelings yet, maybe they’re all too close still - but the above is what helped me and it might just help somebody out there?

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