Cancer death on Gaza Strip

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A young man was barred from leaving the Gaza strip for chemotherapy in Israel and Nael al-Kurdi died as a result.

The signs were great for Mr al-Kurdi with the tumour shrinking by half. In June this year mr al-Kurdi’s luck changed. Hamas took control of Gaza, Israel tightened its blockade and the crossing into Egypt was closed.

Mr al-Kurdi only had one alternative, and that was to seek medical treatment in Israel, only to find he was blocked from entering Israel for treatment on security grounds.

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Bike Covers

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Canalrat pointed out in his post “Ouch!” , the bike covers outside central station:

“Watch out! Cancer is closer than you think. Testicular cancer is the most preventable form of cancer in young men.”

A great poster campaign from The Fight Cancer Foundation.

Cancer Survival - It’s a strange old game!

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Linda Armstrong Kelly, the mother of probably the most famous cancer survivor worldwide (Lance Armstrong), completely understands that cancer is not an individual disease.

In a recent talk Kelly shared her story of raising her son as a single mother, overcoming life’s obstacles to achieve personal success and the grief and hardship of staying by her son’s side during his battle with testicular cancer.

“It was such a helpless feeling knowing that I could not fight this battle for him,” Kelly said of the experience of watching her only son undergo months of treatment and then surgery to remove tumors from his brain.

Surviving is as hard as the chemo sometimes, I assure you - and for the people around you as well.