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(or ‘Finding that lump!’)

  • A (usually) painless swelling in part of one testicle - some men do notice an ache in their lower abdomen or affected testicle.
  • A feeling of “heaviness” in the scrotum.
  • The testicle suddenly becoming swollen and very tender.

When a testicle is normal it is round, soft and smooth. The epidydimis sit behind it as a separate structure (cysts and benign swelling there are quite common and normally not a problem). A lump in the actually body of the testes could be benign or it could be cancer - you should see a doctor!

Having a Feel

Cancers found early are the most easily treated. The best way to do this is have a feel once a month - yes I know; you probably have a feel at least once a day! I mean a proper feel! Do this after you’ve had a warm bath or a shower when your skin is relaxed. CancerBACUP can send you a leaflet on self-examination, or if you can find them purchase a Gillette BlueBoy these badges also have a self-examination guide in the packet.

If you needed any encouragement to have a feel take a look at the Rachel Stevens campaign

You can read more about how I found my lump here.